Main Benefits of Simple Chatbot solution

  • Each entry may contains multiple keywords or keyword phrases.

  • In order to achieve best respond for your users, try to add as many keyword phrases as possible.

  • Each answer may contain url (

  • In order to convert Facebook followers to website users just answer each question asked, combined with product/service relevant url

  • Observe simple-Chabot logs often

  • If you are a everyday observer of Chabot logs, you can easily find which questions, bot couldn't answer, or answer wrongly.

    Note: you are free to create a specific rule for this question (as keyword phrase) in order to optimize your bot.

  • Get Traffic to your Page Messenger

  • If your page has no traffic at all, Facebook and its Ad Manager is here for you.

    You may create a relevant to your business ad targeting specific audience and pushing users to chat with your Page Messenger.

    If your bot is ready to answer you will be the winner!

  • Connect you Simple Chatbot with your website

  • You can easily connect your Facebook fanpage messenger with your site. So you can have your chatbot answer to your website visitors also ;)

    Try to talk with our page chatbot in your bottom right corner of this page to have an experiential opinion.

Choose the plan that’s right for your business

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This is a yearly recurring payment.

  • 20 Entries
  • 15 days chat history
  • Activate/Deactivate button
  • Fully responsive administrator area
  • Ideal if you are asked the same questions over and over

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This is a monthly recurring payment.

  • Unlimited Entries
  • 60 days chat history
  • Activate/Deactivate button
  • Fully responsive administrator area
  • Enter as many answers as you like to cover every possible question asked

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How to connect your ChatBot with your FanPage Messenger!

Follow this step by step tutorial with all relevant screenshots in order to connect your Facebook Messenger with Simple ChatBot Rules!

Visit Tutorial